The Twisted Angels

                                 Family Rules

1. Absolutely no double tagging 

2. No disrespecting any member  .

3. This is a non drama family if you want drama this family is not for you

4.  Be on tag as much as you can 

5. Meetings are posted on the banner 1 week in advance if you can not attend let a creator know

6. Do not take any files from anyone you do not know

7.  You need to have a mic  and or camera

8. Best resolution for drama is the ignore / block  option .

9. No messy name in homeroom

10. Recruit to keep this family growing  

11. You can hang out in other chat rooms as long as it isnt another family chat room please have 

respect for this family .( if you need clarification please message my tag and i will explain it to you )

12. If you are not in the room on ur tag please put away on your status or the admins will start red dotting you for not follwoing the rules .. 3 strikes you lose your admin rank and go back to a member thanks ...Also make sure your tag is set to the room status